Herbal Medicine, the oldest and most widely used medicine in the world  is the practice of using botanical compounds found in nature [e.g. plants fruits seeds barks resins mushrooms] as medicine to assist the body in both acute and chronic conditions, restoring and maintaining health and well-being, physically and mentally.  All ages and many conditions benefit including digestive, circulatory, respiratory, skin complaints, hormonal imbalances, pregnancy, aches and pains, viruses, sleep, stress, depression, anxiety, nervous system, emotional issues and more.

Intensive 3 year BSc Hons degree training in Medical Herbalism is required to become qualified. This training includes medical science, pharmacology, physiology, and the philosophy, principles and practice of herbal medicine.  For more information please visit  the National Institute of Medical Herbalists institute, founded in 1864, website www.nimh.com.

I am a NIMH Institute member currently practicing in Elmsted between Canterbury and Ashford, Kent and have a comprehensive Herbal Dispensary.  I also practice at the Foreman & Jones clinic in Hythe as well as running the dispensary on certain days.

I am the author of ‘The Book’ www.thebookbook.co.uk a concise simple guide to understanding and maintaining good health with preventive and restorative measures detailed.

Appointments are available on request. Video-call Consultations (WhatsApp; FaceTime; Teams; Zoom;) are a safe measure during high CoVid/’Flu’ infectious times, and for long distance clients.

A consultation will be necessary in order to make an assessment to diagnose and prescribe the most appropriate herbal medicines that are selected from 100’s of herbs. The consultation provides time for the client to talk, discuss and reflect in a safe and confidential space-time.  Covid-Antiviral bespoke herbal protocols to support and promote return to health in mild or severe cases are available.