Depression & Anxiety and CBD

Depression and/or Anxiety can be caused and triggered by many things and so by exploring your personal journey and experience a Medical Herbalist can help you identify the root cause as it can be associated with a number of things, this may include nutritional deficiency, a hormonal influence, thyroid, lifestyle, work/social, or even related to another condition such as heart or post viral, or toxic exposures, blue light/EMF exposure/sleep and so on!!

As a medical herbalist it is important to carry out a thorough assessment before prescribing any herbs.  The first consultation normally takes an hour to an hour and a half and you would be asked many questions relating to your experience of depression/anxiety, your diet, your lifestyle, medical history, family history and questions relating to the body systems in detail (ie gastrointestinal/cardiovascular/respiratory/nervous system etc). Once explored, it would be more clear as to whether CBD or other herbal medicines are appropriate, and to ensure that they do not interfere with any medications currently being taken. Guidance, referrals and lifestyle advice may also be given but more so, you are given the chance to talk and reflect in a safe confidential environment.

This assessment will be carried out by video calling such as WhatsApp or Teams due to the current pandemic.

Linde has her own dispensary and sources all herbs and CBD organically.  CBD sample sizes (5ml) are approx £15 and to gain the full benefit it is important that the right species is taken at the right time and that dosages are started off low and slow, for example one drop three times a day for the first week, two drops three times a day for the second week,  assessing each week if a higher dose is required before continuing, or stepping back the dose.

Please do contact Linde if you have any questions