You little realise that household-name cleaning products are full of unnecessary harmful chemicals

Use natural products and adopt less-harmful methods

To set you on your way here are some useful things to try which are taken from

These do not harm your health, do not pollute the air in your home or the natural environment.

  • Use Hot Water, White (Distilled) Vinegar, Lemon Juice, Soda Crystals and/or Essential Oils, Eco washing liquid for washing up and laundry and have an old toothbrush to hand. You do not need the multitude of purpose-made cleaning products for every single different type of cleaning job which have harsh and damaging chemicals in them;
  • If products are in a spray container ensure that you spray into a cloth so that the product mist does not penetrate the air avoiding inhalation;
  • It is vital to use bio and eco drain cleaners;
  • Vacuum the dust up daily.  Do not allow it to become airborne.  Be careful not to inhale dust.
  • Open windows to ventilate areas daily.
  • Use elbow grease;  Clean regularly to avoid build up, such as cooker/oven to prevent lengthy cleaning work;

This is part of looking after yourself properly, plus you will be looking after our Planet.