A Herbalists Top 10 herbs for Wellbeing

What are the best herbs for maintaining general wellbeing?  This is unique to each individual but a Medical Herbalist will focus on these main actions. Herbs have multi-actions so one may be used over three. Here are some familiar herbs and their actions:

ADAPTOGEN                    Centella asciatica – Gotu Kola

ALTERATIVE                      Urtica dioica – Nettle

ANTI-INFLAMMATORY  Curcuma longa – Turmeric

APERIANT                          Rheum palmatum – Rhubarb

BITTER                               Berberis vulgaris – Bayberry

CARMINATIVE                  Matricaria recutita – Chamomile

HEART                                Crataegus spp – Hawthorn

HEPATIC                              Silybum marianum – Milk Thistle

LYMPHATIC                        Galium aparine – Cleavers

MICROBIOME                    Althea officinalis – Marshmallow

NERVINE                             Scutellaria lateriflora – Skullcap